FIFA Online3经理模式攻略 Tiki-Taka战术板设置

  【PCgames 攻略】  Hello FO3 Managers,  各位FIFA Online3经理玩家好,  Today Imma bring up once again the Tiki Taka Set Up, but this time it should works better than before. I realized something with the last strategy, it defensive pressure is not good enough. So here is the similar strategy with a little bit changes. Now, you can find your teammates almost everywhere near you.  今天给大家带来的是Tiki Taka战术的设置方法,在上一次的攻略中我发现有更好的设置方法,让防守时的压迫性会更强。所以这里我对同样的战术进行一个小的调整。现在你可以发现你的队友在球场上几乎无处不在。  Formation 4-3-3  433阵形  Firstly, about the formations, you can choose to pick 1-3-3-3 or 4-3-3 .. Why 1-3-3-3 ? If you believe that a counter attack always successfully executed by your opponent if you're using 4-3-3, I recommend on changing to 1-3-3-3.. Leaving 1 player as SW(Sweeper) at the back for a safety reason... This is to at least preventing any simple Counter Attack to be successfully executed by your opponent...  首先,关于阵形,你可以选择1-3-3-3或者4-3-3等等,为什么是1-3-3-3呢?当你使用4-3-3时经常容易被对手进行防守反击,因此我建议将阵形设置为1-3-3-3.留下一名SW拖后提高防守能力。至少可以避免对手快速地长传反击。  WorkRate / Tendency  参与度设置  Attack  进攻FIFAOL3战术板设置   Defence  防守FIFAOL3战术板设置   Strategy Settings  战术板设置FIFAOL3战术板设置   I've tested it and gets a really good domination of possession. Also, a pretty good attacking style.So pretty much it, if you're using the formation in a correct way, you should get a result similar to this :  经过测试这个设置可以带来非常好的球权控制。当然,也带来非常不错的进攻风格。如果你可以正确的使用这个阵形,那么你将带来类似的结果(在控球率上拥有明显的优势,突出Tiki-Taka的特点):FIFAOL3战术板设置 FIFAOL3战术板设置   感谢你们花时间读了以上内容,下一次我讲为大家介绍适合Tiki Taka战术的球员的推荐,敬请留意。  热点推荐:  FIFA Online3操作分析 传控球心得分享
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