FIFA Online3攻略:FIFA系列球员属性定义详解

  FIFA Online3攻略:FIFA系列球员属性定义详解:  Acceleration  加速能力  This is purely about how long it takes a player to reach his top speed, so it needs to be considered alongside the Sprint Speed stat. Some players have a high Acceleration rating but only average Sprint Speed so, in their case, Acceleration becomes almost irrelevant – it’s no good getting to your top speed really quickly if that top speed really isn’t very quick.  这玩意就是说一个球员需要多少时间才能达到他的最高速度,所以(观察这项属性时)需要和冲刺速度一起考虑。有些球员加速极快但冲刺速度却只是平平,对他们来说,加速能力也就是用来逗逗闷子的东西 ╮(╯▽╰)╭ 一个球员如果冲刺也跑不了多块那他加速再快又有毛用呢?  Agility  敏捷  Players with high agility can perform acrobatic shots or clearances, and agility also affects dribbling ability. If you’re a player who likes to run with the ball, Agility is one of the stats to keep an eye on. The higher the better.  拥有高敏捷的球员可以表演各种杂耍式的射门和解围,同时,敏捷这属性也对带球能力有影响。如果你有一个球员喜欢带球乱窜,敏捷性就是对他来说很重要的属性。越高越好,敏多不愁。  Balance  平衡  This is another attribute that influences a player’s dribbling skill and, more generally, how responsive the player you’re controlling feels. If you have high stats for Agility and Balance then you’ll move fluidly and you’ll be able to get in or out of tight spots. Also, high Agility and Balance scores are needed to get the most out of fast players – even if you have 95+ for Acceleration and Sprint Speed, your player could feel sluggish and a little unresponsive if they lack Agility and Balance. It’s important to remember that when you’re looking at potential new players, as it’s easy to spend a lot of money on quick players, only to find they don’t feel to sharp due to low stats in other areas like these.  这是另一项会对球员带球能力产生影响的属性,其实,这属性会决定你操作一个球员时的“手感”。如果你的敏捷平衡双高,那你就可以把每个技术动作做得极为极流畅,这样就可以在对方防线的紧逼中进进出出(←想歪了的绝对是坏孩子!)。并且,高敏捷和高平衡评价的意味着一个球员可以行动的更快——即使你有个速度加速双95+的货但丫平衡敏捷不太利索,你在操作他时仍然会感到很“钝”。如果你在寻找一个有潜力的球员时,记住,他的敏捷和平衡能力是很重要的。这就是为什么你有时用钱砸来一堆飞快的田径选手,结果发现他们手感很钝一点也不好用。  Jumping  弹跳  Quite simply, how high a player can jump. Useful if you’re scouting for a player to win you more header**ut, like speed, it’s fairly useless without its related attributes. For example, for a player to be really good in the air they need to have high Jumping, Strength Aggression and Heading Acc stats.  简单易懂,一个球员能蹦跶多高。当你想找个球员为你赢得更多争顶时,像速度这种能力就毛线用处没有了。举例,一个空中能力强的球员需要弹跳、力量、侵略性以及头球精度。  Reactions  反应  This will also affect how responsive a player feels. The higher the stat, the easier they’ll adapt to contextual changes – an attribute that’s vital for effective dribbling.  这也决定了球员的手感。越高,就越容易用—这是个带球方面的关键属性。  Sprint Speed  冲刺速度  You don’t need any explanation here, I’m sure. As with the Attributes above though, remember that Sprint Speed in isolation is less effective – it needs to be combined with Acceleration, Agility, Balance and Reactions to be unleashed.  这玩意还用解释么?我知道你们都懂。在关注冲刺速度时,记得这东西单独看没有意义,要和加速能力、敏捷、平衡以及反应一起观察。  Stamina  耐力  This attribute plays a huge part in FIFA 12. With True Injuries now occurring in game, it’s important to keep an eye on your players’ stamina levels, as tired players get injured. As well as affecting fatigue during a game, Stamina also determines how quickly a player recover**etween matches. I’ve had players in Career Mode that constantly ask to be rested because they’re tired – due to a poor Stamina rating – which can be annoying.  这东西在FIFA 12中意义重大。真实伤病系统加入游戏后,注意你的球员的体力残余便变得很重要,累劈了的家伙会受伤的哦亲 ╮(╯▽╰)╭ 在游戏过程中,耐力也会影响一个球员在两场比赛之间体力回复的速度。我在经理模式中有个球员经常要求休息因为他老觉得累 —因为他那坑爹的耐力— 这真心很烦。  Strength  力量  Another attribute with more importance in FIFA 12. Your players Strength stat will decide how they cope with any physical battles, so a good score in this area is important for anyone with defensive responsibilities. It’s also a desirable attribute to have for at least one of your strikers, just to give you a chance in 50-50s with defenders.  另一个在FIFA 12里非常重要的属性。你球员的力量将决定他们在身体接触中的表现,所以一个很高的力量评价对球员进行防守时的表现是有重要影响的。这也意味着你至少该有一个力量型的前锋,让你可以在与后卫的对抗中获得机会。  Aggression  侵略性  This works in tandem with Strength; you’ll usually find that a player has high scores for both, rather than one or the other. Aggressive players generally win more tackles, but also risk giving away more free-kicks.  这和力量一起作用;你经常发现很多球员力量侵略俱高,而不是一个高另一个没有。侵略性高的球员更容易赢下抢断,但也容易给对方任意球。  Att. Position  进攻跑位  This Attacking Position attribute deals with a player’s ability to spot open space and move into good positions that offer an attacking advantage. The higher this stat, the more likely a player is to make enough space to receive the ball in dangerous areas.  进攻跑位决定了一个球员在进攻时寻找以及穿插到空挡位置的能力。这属性越高,一个球员就越容易出现在对方的危险地带得球。  Interceptions  拦截能力  This applies more to AI controlled team-mates rather than the player you’ve selected, as it determines the ability to read the game and intercept passes. If you’ve seen players stick out legs or do something unexpected to prevent a pass, it’s likely they’ll have a high score for Interceptions.  这属性相比你手动控制的球员来说,对于AI控制的队员更有用,这会决定他们阅读比赛并拦截传球的能力。如果你看到一名球员伸腿或者做出一些出人意料的动作来拦截一个传球,他们往往具有较高的拦截能力。
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